Max Shoham is a young filmmaker and animator from Toronto Canada. He is currently in 12th grade at Etobicoke School of the Arts, where he majors in Film. Over the last 4 years, Max’s films have played in over 130 festivals, and won awards in many, including the Toronto International Film Festival, Scholastic in New York City, Austin Film Festival and more around the world. He’s been making and watching films obsessively since the third grade.

Artist's Statement

Hey I’m Max Shoham! I make films to learn about myself. The stories are metaphors for my real life. Trying to cope with my best friend’s suicide became one boy chasing another, intent on escaping this world. Being thankful for the warmth my family provides became the melting of winter in an Eastern European village. My films are process-based: The long production schedules are like meditations. I have a lot of time to introspect, and unpack. This filmmaking self journey can go on for weeks, even months. I try to be as vulnerable and specific as possible. Through brutal honesty, the universal truth emerges. Hopefully, I achieve that honesty. I feel so lucky to share my stories with you.

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