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Hybernia - Teaser (2023)
Official selection of the Fantasia Film Festival. In the Northwest Passage, a crew of researchers make contact with an ancient corpse, preserved in a massive glacier. As time passes, the scientists are drawn closer and closer to the siren in its icy tomb. An ode to German expressionism and Canadian folk horror. 
Night Visitor (2024)
A very short experiment in charcoal animation.
Night Noises (2023)
Night Noises tells the story of two children searching for the voice of a "midnight spirit" in the dark of the woods. My film explores the childhood sensory wonder of exploring local biomes, coming to gain familiarity with insects, rocks, plants and the constant sound of the wild. 
Sophie and Jacob (2020)
Award winner at over 30 student film festivals, Sophie and Jacob is the story of my great-grandparents, two young Romanian Jews who met fleeing the Holocaust. This film was my attempt at keeping their candles burning, and preserving their testimonies forever. Animated from 2019-2020, this film was picked up by CBC Gem for international streaming. 
AEIOU (2022)
A short experimental animation about growth and decay.  
The End of Summer (2019)
Two years after my best friend committed suicide, his sister and I returned to our special childhood place- Waupoos Island- and made an exploratory experimental film about grief, change and growth. 
The Sky is a Beating Heart (2021)
This film tracks the movement of the light in my apartment across one day. A small gesture, but one that hopefully communicates the warmth and resonance of familiar light patterns. 
Hearth (2018)
The healing comfort of warm food and a tight 
community inspired this short film. Set during a harsh winter storm, Hearth shows the power a grandmother's bowl of soup. 
Stretch Your Eyes (2018)
An unofficial music video for Agnes Obel's "Stretch Your Eyes" which explores an escape into imagination in the face of doldrum. 
I'm Going to Live More... Once I Finish This Animated Film  (2021)
A short film about the sacrifices animators make because of the amount of time it takes to do
what we do.
Chess Masters of the Apocalypse DEMO (2022)
A demo animation for a not-yet-finished Chess/Motorcycle/Wuxia/Dystopian film. One day the world will know the glory of Chess Masters of the Apocalypse.

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